Edward Gonzalez

Kpupz Photography started out of love for pets and events. Clients would come to my studio as it was a stress free environment for pets, but in due time that led to on location work. People let me in their homes and thus I started to admire the different type of home styles and living. Now, Although I still appreciate doing the occasional Pet and portrait work, I truly have found a passion for Real Estate, Commercial and Event Photography. I love being behind the lens and capturing moments of life/product.

I may spend a couple of hours on location, but the majority of the work happens in post production and achieving the look and feel that I like to provide for my clients. It is a lengthy process, reason for the turn around period set for the different aspects of work.

All three branches of focused work lately between real estate, commercial and event have something in common, yet are vastly different.

  • Real Estate: Real estate photography is simple and always visible, yet not always accessible. Working around the schedule of the realtor, client, deadlines and weather are all issues to consider. Plus a lot of other small details to keep in mind (lighting, angles, lines, small rooms, large rooms, color casting from windows/fixtures…). I will portray the property in the best light, so the realtor can focus on selling.

  • Commercial/Advertisement: Much like real estate, Commercial/Advertisement photography is about showcasing the product under good light. Whether studio or lifestyle oriented, it’s the end purpose to provide clients finished work that invokes a feeling of want and need in their marketing product.

  • Events: I love live events (Concerts, Political & Business/Corporate) that sell themselves due to content being presented or targeted motive for celebration (No birthdays, weddings or otherwise please). Being Part of these events behind the scenes, behind the stage or in the middle of it all and become one with, its like music to my ears. Best of all, these moments in time are priceless compared to everything else paid for on this day.

Policies for Realtors:

  • Cancellation within 72 hours - $100 fee

  • Rescheduling within 48 hours - $50 fee

  • If photographer is on location and property is not photography ready - $199 fee (No access, under construction, dirty, etc)

  • Traveling fee outside service territory - $60 per every 20 miles

  • Other rules and regulations may apply. Please ask to be on the safe side.

  • Prices or fees may change at any time without notice.

Established in 2000